@TonyStark I'm no hero but I've been watching from another realm and noticed the and

I hope you like rainbows.

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Welcome, Heimdall.

I find you fairly heroic, but humility is an underrated quality.

I do know you see all.

And I love rainbows. 🌈

@TonyStark @heimdall

Good addition to the instance. Welcome, Heimdall.

@heimdall @TonyStark I personally love rainbows and welcome here Heimdall

@heimdall @TonyStark Hello, Heimdall! I do like rainbows. And if a former master assassin can be a hero, then you can be one, too.

@heimdall @TonyStark

Greetings, Heimdall.

Any who stand up and speak out to protect others is a hero. :avengers3:

Rainbows always make a day brighter. 🌈

(While I know you see all, no peeking at my writing for spoilers!πŸ˜‰ )

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