White supremacy is all around you. Just open your eyes.

One Republican, Ben Sasse, is telling his constituents the truth - the emperor has no clothes.

"The fraud that the Republicans claimed to observe was not fraud at all, a Michigan state judge determined on Friday in rejecting a lawsuit filed by allies of Mr. Trump. The various instances of supposed malfeasance were in fact well-established procedures for dealing with the peculiarities of data entry, the correction of minor errors and protocols for social distancing — all intended to ensure a careful and accurate vote count."


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Twitter introduces "coward mode" posting, sure to become and even worse vehicle for harassment, hate, and bigotry.


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@TonyStark Please, anyone who's able to help, don't give up on North Carolina. Cal Cunningham can beat Thom Tillis. We desperately need Tillis out of the Senate. calfornc.com

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@NatashaRomanoff @Vision SNL has been on fire since 2016 but the Village People song was truly inspired last night.

SNL will still be darkly funny when he's not president, because he will try to lie his way out of New York AG Letitia James locking him up. And the Republican clown car of vying for the most insane replacement for head of the party will start.


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No civilized country should tolerate the income disparity or worker poverty that we have. Raise the damn wage and do it federally. The plan is even a series of steps, not overnight.

A person working full-time should be able to afford to buy a house or apartment. $15 is the floor. States can add on as they see fit. People up at the top can make less and pay their taxes.

Biden wants to raise federal minimum wage. Trump doesn’t:

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