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Yesterday, the transphobia-rampant Reddit community, r/GenderCritical, was banned for it's non-compliance with Reddit's new hate speech policies. It's good to see social media platforms taking action against hate speech and denying hate groups a platform to express their hate.

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@NatashaRomanoff @TonyStark
The real patriotic thing to do is to stay home and follow wearing a mask and socially distancing.

Conservatives have time and time again proven themselves to have no hesitation or doubts about harming marginalized groups. Their blatant disregard for the mental well-being of transgender youth is disgusting. It's time to vote them all out of office.

Pink News: "Teachers should be forced to misgender trans kids unless they have ‘permission’ from parents, right-wing think tank suggests":

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This decision was 5-4.

This situation didn't have to be this way, either. Trump got handed 2 SCOTUS picks. Let's not do that again.

Supreme Court temporarily blocks court order that cleared the way for expanded vote by mail in Alabama due to Covid-19:

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Most of us don't hear this nearly often enough, so I want to just say – whatever it is you're trying to accomplish right now? I know you can do this. You're brilliant, and I believe in you 💚

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@Dagny @TonyStark what gets me, at least where I am, is not that they think they are invincible but they don't care. If their gym is closed or their drive is slowed by a protest or any other minor inconvenience they will scream bloody murder and those things better be there for them regardless of who it kills as long as it isn't them themselves.

The Republican/Libertarian motto of "I got mine, fuck you" is killing this country. Literally.

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18 trans women murdered this year alone. 91% of trans women killed last year were black. This is not okay. We need a grand, fundamental reform of the racist, transphobia-ridden system we live in.

The Grio: "Trans woman Merci Mack killed in Dallas":

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@marissa People act like it's not a binary choice. Sure, you can vote for the Libertarian or Green candidate, write in Bernie or Elmo from Sesame Street. It all amounts to the same when there are going to be two choices competing for those 270 electoral votes needed to become president, and those will almost certainly be Biden and Trump. If we don't want four more years of Trump, we get over not having 100% of what we want, and realize Biden is much better for our interests.

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I heard someone has said you can’t support Black Lives Matter and support Joe Biden.

Well, I exist. I am Black. I am I voted for Joe Biden in my state’s primary and I will be voting for Joe Biden in November. There are a lot of us.

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@marissa I agree something needs to be done. In this climate of hate I feel afraid as well, being a transmale.

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@marissa Same here. We have to vote to protect all the people who would be hurt the most by four more years of trumpism.

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New Front On White Privilege: Cashless Payment Systems

It amazes me that while they are stripping away protections of transgender and gender-noncomforming people, they have the nerve to say that it's protecting us! It's time to vote every single one of these maniacal liars out of power.

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People ask why I'm voting for Biden, me being pretty far left on the political spectrum and all. This is why. Enough nonsense, we need Trump out of office *right now*.

NY Times: "HUD Rule Would Dismantle Protections for Homeless Transgender People" :

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"To keep reading this story, create a free account"

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Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.


When JK Rowling does cite sources in her essay, she uses biased ones. Here, she refers to a trans youth study by Lisa Littman. Littman's study has been criticized on all sides for its poor research methods. In the study, Littman posted a 90-question survey on several websites well-known for transphobic content including 4thwavenow & Transgender Trend. A clear case of confirmation bias

Littman's study:
Rowling's essay:

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