Public Enemy premiered an updated version of “Fight the Power” at the BET Awards earlier this year. They’ve amplified several powerful Black voices and the song is very current. I listen to the original often and it still feels relevant, but this update is a must-listen. The fact that Chuck D didn’t have to change a word of that last verse, though, 31 years later, says it all.


Yesterday, I was out picking up some necessities. We limit our trips. It was the first time in September I'd been in a store.

I had my mask and followed the store guidelines for how to maintain distance.

I overheard quite a few people disparaging science and fact and it made me think of this song from a not well known band, but one I like.

The Avett Brothers
10,000 Words (acoustic)

Montgomery County

Get a ballot and vote at, or take your mail ballot to the voter services office in Norristown, 4 new satellite offices, or use a drop box.

Drop boxes:

MWF 9-4
T&Th 11-6
Sat & Sun 11-4


11/2-11/3 ELECTION DAY
9 am - 8 pm

New satellite voter services office locations will be in Lansdale, Pottstown, Narberth, Willow Grove. I'll update when I have the opening dates.

8/x of mine; please add your county. Dress your ballots!

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Delaware County

This linked page has all the ways you can vote. You can vote at the Bureau of Elections in Media "starting soon." Check back here for when it begins.

There will be a drop box at the county courthouse in Media. There will be other drop boxes in the county as well. Townships can choose to have them or not. There will be a list of drop boxes here when they are finalized:


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Chester County

You can drop off your ballot at a drop box, the government office in West Chester, or two satellite offices beginning on October 13th.

Here are your drop boxes. Hours vary by location. Check them out before you go.

There are satellite offices in Chester Springs and Oxford. They have evening hours two nights a week. Their hours vary by day and location. See the hours on the link above too.


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Bucks County

2 satellite voting offices which include drop boxes in Quakertown and Levittown beginning 10/5, plus the regular location in Doylestown. Hours are 8 am-4:30 pm M-F, but starting October 27th, there will be evening and weekend hours as well. This article and the county government website have slightly different info; if you are in Bucks, you may want to call Monday to verify.


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Philadelphia :philly:

Hours for the satellite election offices:
Monday-Thursday: 11:30am to 6:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

The offices are located in Center City (City Hall)
North Philly (one at Temple, one at 4th and Lehigh)
Far Northeast
Southwest (near Bartram’s Garden)
West (Overbrook)
Northwest (Roxborough)


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Philadelphia :philly:

Starting Tuesday, 9/29, visit any of seven satellite election offices. Find one near your home or work here:

You can fill out your ballot application, vote, and turn it back in all at once. If your ballot hasn't arrived by 10/6 you can visit to request another. Allow time for it to arrive!

There will be drop-boxes. I'll update when they say where.


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Statewide deadlines for all of us:

Registration deadline 10/19
Absentee/mail-in deadline 10/27

State law is that you can only drop off your own ballot at the drop box. You can also mail it or take it to your county election office. If it’s blank you can take it to your polling place on 11/3. If it’s filled in, use a drop box or election office.

Use that inner envelope! Dress that ballot!


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Good neighbors wear masks, as seen near St. Joe's today. I thought my Pittsburgh :pittsbgh: friends would appreciate it. They too! 67 counties' voting options are a lot to look up. Everyone can check out Here’s info for Philadelphia :philly: , Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. If you live in another PA county, please add yours!

Remember, no naked ballots! Use & sign the secrecy envelope inside the mailing envelope!


No woman and no Jewish person has lain in state at the U.S. Capitol until now. None had the position of power that traditionally goes with such a high honor. However, exceptions have been made for people who weren't elected officials or judges, and none of those exceptions were ever made for any women or Jewish people who had made a large impact on the country. I don't think anyone is surprised.

@phillyaccent @MrSpock Logical. Vote for smarter senators. Democratic ones.

I donated again today. We've donated more this election to all Democrats running nationwide than ever before in our lifetime and we are in the same finanicial situation as most with very little to spare, but... we are committed to ending the nightmare we are all living in right now so we've decided to squeeze our budget a bit harder and donate whatever we can to keep Democrats on top in fundraising.

Would it be great if this wasn't the case?


Is it the case?


Vote like other people's lives depend on it.

Senator Bernie Sanders: "This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy – and democracy must win"

@TonyStark Dear Lindsey: be less odious and we'll hate you less. This is not victim-blaming. You are 100% in control of how horrible you are. @Marmaduke737373

I am so sick of this administration interfering with investigations. - "Schiff to subpoena top DHS official, alleges whistleblower deposition is being stonewalled"

@TonyStark Not only is the stadium here in my hometown going to be an early voting location, but so will 32 other non-traditional venues. It's going to be close in North Carolina, I'm sure, and I know I don't need to say it, but it's even more important than ever to make sure everyone can vote in person if that's what they decide to do. :voteblue2: :charlotte:

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