Threatening, abusive, intolerant or illegal behavior may lead to moderation and/or further measures.

We have a zero tolerance approach towards posts including racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Moderators will remove content promoting unfounded conspiracy theories, or advocating anti-science or unestablished medical treatments.

Moderation decisions are final.

The Content Warning flag should be used for NSFW content and NSFW media should be marked as sensitive.

There are instances within the Fediverse for adult content. We are not one of them. Adult content, porn, or pseudo-porn featuring anime characters will not be accepted.

Account registrations are monitored and accounts considered spam (including commercial advertising) will be moderated or removed.

For clarity's sake, we are not a communist/anarchist/anti-Democratic left instance. Content along those lines is in opposition to our goals. There are many other instances in the Fediverse that are anarchy instances.


Welcome to!

We are a United States-based progressive/liberal instance that promotes elections, activism, and voter participation, in particular for the Democratic party and left-leaning Independents.

We share news related to those subjects. We also toot about personal interests like any other community in the Fediverse.

As one of many Mastodon servers in the federated universe called the Fediverse, we welcome new users who follow our guidelines. We have a zero tolerance policy towards racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or the promotion of violence. Trolling is not permitted.

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